Gásir - Medieval Trading Post

Gásir is an important archaeological site. It was the major port/trading centre of north Iceland in the middle ages, and until the sixteenth century, dealing in such costly commodities as sulphur and hunting falcons. Traces of the old trading port are visible, and a sign provides information about the history of the place.

Every July history is brought to life for visitors, with a Medieval Market. With numerous re-enactment participants who become merchants and handcraft people from the middle ages.

In the coming years, Gásir is to be developed even further as a living centre of medieval culture, reflecting its mercantile history, archaeology, nature and birdlife.

Directions: Drive from Akureyri 5 km outside the town limit, by the community house Hlíðarbæ, turn right and drive along road nr 816 for about 7 km until you arrive at Gásir.

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Gásir - Medieval Trading Post

Opening Hours

Medieval days at Gásir annually. 
The third weekend of July.