Sturlung Trail

Are you interested in seeing the sites of some of the blood-curdling events of the civil war that raged in the Sturlung Age? Learning about the colourful characters and their roles in history? Visit the Sturlung Trail in Skagafjörður. In the 13th century, Iceland’s most powerful clans, such as the Sturlung and Ásbjörn clans, waged war, and came into conflict with Bishop Guðmundur Arason of Hólar, who sought to increase the power of the church. Visit historic sites at Örlygsstaðir, Haugsnes, Flugumýri, Hólar, Hegranes, Glaumbær and Víðimýri. Historic map, booking and further information on the Sturlung Trail are available at the Tourist Information Centre in Varmahlíð.

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Information signs at principal historic sites on the Sturlung Trail. Take the Sturlung Trail history map along to guide you on your way. Saga Day programme in August.