Convent at Kirkjubær

In 1186, the Benedictine Convent at Kirkjubæ (now Kirkjubæjarklaustur) was established and it continued to operate until 1554. A folktale tells of disobedient nuns, who for their sins they were supposedly burned on a natural rocky pedestal now called, Systrastapa. The waterfalls, Systrafoss and the lake, Systravatn on plain above town are both named after the religious sisters.  Archaeological research was done on the ruins surrounding the old cemetery at Kirkjubæjarklaustur during the years 1995-2006. Near the ruins is an informative sign about the archaeological study. 

The multi-media show, "Saga í sandinum - Klaustrið á Kirkjubæ" (History in the sands - The Convent at Kirkjubæ) is shown in the Skaftárstofa Tourist Information Centre in Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Short documentary films, quality brochures and multi-media materials pleasantly enlighten visitors about Kirkjubæjarklaustur's past.

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