The Saga of the Vopnafjörður People, Múlastofa & Bustarfell

The Saga of the Vopnafjörður People takes place mostly in Vopnafjörður from the late 9th to the early 11th century. The saga tells of a power struggle between the clans at Hof and Krossavík: after conflict and bloodshed, however, tolerance and mercy finally prevail. The main characters of the saga are two chieftains and their sons. Women also play an important part in the story. All over Vopnafjörður the sites of the saga can be seen. 

A dig in 2006 revealed the site of a longhouse of the saga period adjacent to the church at Hof. In the old house Kaupvangur in Vopnafjörður (from 1882) is an interesting exhibition (Múlastofa) dedicated to two brothers from the region that were well known in Iceland in the latter half of the 20st century, Jonas and Jon Muli sons of Arni. At Bustarfell museum in Hofsárdalur valley (25 km from Vopnafjörður village) is one of the best preserved turf house in Iceland.

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