Skalholt is one of the most historically important locations in Iceland. It was episcopal seat and a centre of culture and education from 1056 - 1797. The restoration of Skalholt began in the middle of the last century. The building of the modern cathedral was finished in the year 1963 and the school in 1972. The cathedral is well known for its modern art by Gerður Helgadottir and Nina Tryggvadottir.

In the crypt is Bishop Pall Jonsson’s (+1211) stone sarcophagus, and a tunnel from the 13th century. The present school in Skalholt is an educational and cultural center for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Iceland.

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Services are held on Sundays at 11.00 or 17.00. The Summer Music Festival is held five weekends in July and August, admission free.