Þórbergssetur museum in Hali

Interesting and informative exhibitions dedicated to local history and the life and work of the author Þórbergur Þórðarson (1889-1974),  one of Iceland’s most significant twentieth-century authors. He was born and grown up at Hali farm. 

At that time this community was geographically isolated, cut off on both sides by rushing, sandfilled glacial rivers. Above it were massive mountain ranges topped by stretches of glacial ice; below a harbourless expanse of wave-beaten sands. 

In the closed-off world of Suðursveit, life was characterised by a struggle with the powers of nature. The sole signs of the other world were the French sailing vessels which approached the shores in spring and lured the young boy Þórbergur to seek adventure. Other exhibitions, information center, souveniers and a restaurant. At Hali is also a good accommodation. 

  • Type: Vikings Literature