Viking World

The uniquely attractive Viking World Centre houses the Viking ship, Íslendingur, built by the craftsman-captain, Gunnar Marel Eggertsson, who sailed it to New York in the year 2000. There are also four exciting exhibits and during summers, among other things is a 'Settlement Zoo' on the surrounding grounds. The Viking ship Íslendingur is an exact replica of the Gaukstad ship, and it was sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in the year 2000 to commemorate Leif Eiríksson's voyage to America 1000 years earlier. 

VIKINGS OF THE NORTH-ATLANTIC OCEAN: An exhibit about the voyages and settlements of Nordic people and their role in the discovery of North America. 

SETTLEMENT OF ICELAND: Remarkable antiquities of the Su›urnes Peninsula. Relics from the oldest habitation of Reykjanes area. 

FATE OF THE GODS: An exhibit about Old Norse Theology and Legends. 

HISTORIC AREAS IN ICELAND: Introduction to Iceland's major historic areas.

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